The facilities of Campus Magnolie, which include apartments and classrooms, are designed like a university campus, so that students can find all they need within the shortest possible distance from their accommodation, without walking much or using means of transport.

Campus Magnolie provides 36 apartments for a total of 160 beds, common rooms for relax, a new library and study room, internet stations, the food catering service (on demand) and the wi-fi connection both in the common rooms and in the apartments.

All apartments are equipped with kitchen, balcony, telephone, television, living room, sheets, heating and, with a small contribution, a microwave.

The accommodation included in the price is in a double room, in an apartment with 3 other rooms. For those who want a different type of accommodation, there is the chance, paying a small extra fee, to choose a different type of apartment or room. For more information visit the Calendar and Prices page.