Useful Info and Links


Students’ flats are in the same residential complex as the School, therefore they can be accessed easily. They will be cleaned on your arrival. Throughout their stay students will be responsible for the cleaning of rooms and shared areas (kitchen and bathroom). If necessary, cleaning service is available (with additional cost). Electricity, gas, water and basic charges are included in the price. In wintertime a portion of the heating cost will be charged to students (about 15/30 Euros per person). 


Sheets are supplied by the School, but if they need to be changed during your stay, a charge of € 3 will be applied. Towels are not supplied.


Shared flats are not provided with washing machine. You may use the washing machine of the Residence “Le Magnolie”, at the cost of € 3.50 per wash (max. 5 kg), and the dryer at the cost of € 3.


The voltage used in Italy is 220 Volts/AC. The power points of the various household appliances and electronic devices might be different from those used in your country, so enquire and bring an adapter. Alternatively, you can buy an adapter here in Castelraimondo at the price of about € 10.


Each flat has a fully equipped kitchen (with plates, pots, pans, cutlery, glasses, etc.). You will be able to cook your meals with your roommates or by yourself (the supermarket is only 50 meters far from the school).


In Castelraimondo shops are normally open from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 4:30 to 8:00 pm. The closing day is Monday morning. On Sundays all shops are closed, except bars and restaurants.


In summertime it is hot, but our proximity to the Apennines makes evenings quite mild. This pleasant climate allows us to enjoy the beach from May to September. In wintertime it can be very cold and sometimes it snows. The mildest temperatures are in springtime and autumn. However, we suggest contacting us to get more detailed information about the weather, which is today subject to unexpected changes.


The approximate cost of shopping in supermarkets for 4 weeks is € 250. In bars, a bottle of mineral water costs € 0.80, a cappuccino € 1, a beer € 3, a piece of pizza € 1.20, a sandwich € 1.50, a hamburger € 4. In restaurants, a pizza and a drink cost about € 10, while the price of a full meal is € 15 upwards. A newspaper costs € 1 and a cinema ticket € 6. Petrol stands at about € 1.80 per liter (prices are average and may vary).


We offer a free transfer service from Castelraimondo train station. Transfers from “Leonardo da Vinci” International Airport in Fiumicino, Rome, costs 30€ for arrivals (on sundays, before the start of the 4-week course) and leaves at about 6 p.m. For departures, the transfer costs € 30 (on saturdays afer the 4-week course finishes) and is organized for a minimum of 20 people. 


Car rental for one day costs € 80/100 and cars are delivered directly to the school.