Simone Accattoli

Simone Accattoli


Graduated with honors in Communication Science at University of Macerata, he is a journalist for local TVs and newspapers, an international cooperator, and for a long time he has been teaching Italian as a foreign language.

He worked as a humanitarian worker in Africa (Ethiopia), in the IEC field (Information Education Communication) and in the projects of the NGO CVM. After three years in International Cooperation he published the book “Nipo nipo tu – stories of daily survival”, which he wrote and edited. Then, after a short experience in Switzerland in the fundraising field, he started focusing his professional path on language teaching.

After a training period in projects for language-learning facilitation in public school, he obtained the CEDILS certification at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. Since then, he has been teaching Italian to migrants in different schools, associations and CTP around Marche, within projects supporting integration.

He arrived in Castelraimondo in 2012, where he worked for the school Edulingua. Between 2013 and 2014 he was selected for a European project and he moved to Hungary where he worked as English language assistant and Italian teacher in a bilingual primary school. He has been part of the staff at Campus Magnolie since 2014. Meanwhile, he has also been constantly working to update his professional competences through the seminars and courses held by DILIT International House of Rome.

He’s never stopped his longlife learning and professional training, so that in 2018 he finalized a 2nd Level Master in “E-Learning for Italian Teaching to Foreigners” (60/60 cum laude), at University for Foreigners of Siena (title of the final dissertation: “WordPress: sistema aperto alla Didattica e per la Didattica”). The results of this project (and related LMS – Learning Management System) have been presented at AICLU Conference, in Florence.

At the Campus, he started his work as a Lecturer for L2 / LS teachers, and he organized a seminar entitled “From instrument to style: let’s make a point! Writing and Punctuation Workshop “, presented in occasion of CampusLab. It is precisely the variety of professional experiences gained in this industry that allow his flexible approach, suitable to different contexts of age, culture and linguistic level, constantly aimed at transmitting to the Other something that is going to stay with them for long.